Two Liner #2

I have visited many places

But the best was Her Dreams.

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Together We can scale the sky.

I feel depressed

When I am alone

If it’s your company

It’s almost gone

You are my light

In the darkest night

You are my ladder

To the greatest height

So be with me

Stay with me

Without you

I am not gonna fly

I can’t say

How high I can go alone

But together

We can scale of he sky.

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He-She talks

He – How much do you love me ?

She – more than you do.

He- Would you ever leave me?

She – Never.

He – Promise??

She – Promise promise promise..

A man was watching the whole telephonic conversation of them , so when they finished he went to him and said ” how lucky are you to have such a nice partner .” He interrupted and replied to him ” this was nothing more than an old call recording of her.

He replied with watery eyes and went away….

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